I wanted to say a huge thank you to Sally, who not only offered Holly a 1:1 session to crack her breaststroke, who then did the session and helped Holly get the stroke right and afterwards took the time to send her a postcard to say well done. We are so impressed and grateful for the support Sally has given to Holly.
Holly has been working on her breaststroke since the session and when she revived Sally’s note yesterday this really was the icing on the cake.

It is acts of kindness like this that make a huge difference. Holly was so pleased to receive the card and her face lit up. Thank you so very much. A* service.

Chloe. (Feb 2020)

A* Service and Results

Thank you so much for the lovely swimming party, you organised for me on Saturday. It was brilliant and I had a great time. Thanks for the swimming bag, you gave me.


hank you very much for helping to make Nathan’s pool party such fun. All the children (and adults!) really had a great time, Nathan especially of course. It was lovely to do something he enjoys so much with his parents.

Katherine B

Joanna has attended Floaters for almost six years, right from the age of three when she was a very nervous swimmer. However after only a few weeks you gave her the confidence and by the end of her first term she was swimming. We feel that she has progressed fantastically since then, which can only be due to the expert tuition she has received from you all.

Since day one she has always enjoyed her her Saturday morning swims and I must say, I even enjoyed getting up early to take her and witness her progression. Some of the highlights must have included the Swimming Party, which I thinkl was one of the first you held.

We would all like to thank you for all the hard work and commitment you have put in to Joanna’s swimming. Something we know will hwlp her in the future and something that she will look backon as a valuable part of growing up and building her confidence.

Garry B

Once again you have succeeded in reducing the children ot exhaused wrecks at bedtime. Thank you and well done!

They both had super times at the Summer Activity schools.

Your efforts are tireless and fruitful. Daniel has found his confidence again.

Mrs T

Thank you for teaching me since I was about 5, I really enjoyed my time with you.
I remember when I first joined the Squad, I was basically the smallest and slowest there, but when we did the relay and I overtook Nick, I realised how much I enjoyed the swimming and I made so many friends who I still see at school.

Swimming with Floaters was one of the longest and best experiences of my life so far. I will never forget you. I cant think where I would be without you.

Please thank all the teachers that taught me. I will miss you very much.

Sophie B

Our move away has come sooner than we had expected.

We feel that Stephanie and Christopher have been able to thrive in the professional and caring atmosphere created by Floaters. The confidence they have in their swimming abilities, inevitably extend toother areas of their lives. Le live in hope that the swimming courses in Lymmington, will live up to Floaters standards as both children are keen to continue lessons and coaching.

Every success for the future.

Jean H

Harriet has been attending Floaters lessons for more than 3 years now. She has, through expert tuition, deeloped into a confident and happy swimmer with no fear of water whatsoever. For that, may I take this opportunity to thank you and all you very experienced staff.

Jayne F

Just a quick note to thank you for all you have done to improve my children’s swimming. I have recommended Floaters to many friends who are now on our books and of course will continue to do so.

I feel that the way you teach has always been of the very highest standard.

Tanya M

Just a quick note to say that I have been very pleased with the way Jasmine’s swimming has progressed whil she has been with Floaters. During thattime, she has been taught by several teachers and has done well with all of them. It is now time to move onto competitive swimming a the club.

Many thanks for the excellent teaching and I hope that Annabel will do as well under the guidance of your excellent teachers.

Maggie S

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody at Floaters for all their expertise and kindness. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the swimming classes and already, we can see that what you have taught them will see them in good stead in future years.

Thanks for all your efforts!!

Dawn M

Thank you to Floaters and all your teachers, for teaching Ian to swim, where others have failed.

Caroline N

Thanks for all you do at Floaters. Joseph has had S again this term and she is excellent too. Keep up all the good work.

Beverly N

I would like to thank you and all your excellent teachers for the excellent tuition you have given to all my children, but especially to Connor, who has been quite a challenge to say the least. I can assure you that in my view, you are the best teaching school around and I will continue to recommend you in years to come.

Once again, thanks to everyone at Floaters.

Debbie M

I do want to thank you for all the work from so many teachers, which has transformed Becci from one of the reluctant beginners(!) into the fastest girl in her school class. So thank you all.

Jane M

Many thanks for the telephone conversation we had today. It is very reassuring to know that there are people who genuinely care about our children’s needs.
Please pass on my thanks to S for all the support she gives to Lydia and once again, thanks for all that you do.

Selina M

We are extremely grateful to you and your teachers, for the attention given to both James and Claire and thank you for actually teaching James to swim! He is now a better and stronger swimmer than either of us! Claire continues to make good progress with Angie and we will continue with her swimming lessons until she is the same level as James, so you we will be a client for at least the next 4 years!

Julia S

I want to thank you for putting on the “Swimming Activity Week”. Charlie loved every minute of it and could not wait to return each day. Thanks to all of you and especially to Lydia who looked after the “Red Otters”.

Julia N

Just a quick not to say how pleased we are with the swimming instruction that our son, Joseph, has received again this year. It has been lovely to watch his progression over the years.

To think that at first he was frightened of the water and used tohave to wear a support jacket as he clung to our hands! He now dives quite happily  in the deep end and certainly outshines all of us in the family. He is now teaching his mum, yes me, to put my face in the water and open my eyes! Keep up the good work at Floaters.

Beverly N

I am writing to thank you and your instructors for the progress that Kristoffer has made with his swimming in such a short time.

On ourrecent holiday, there was not only a vast difference in his confidence compared with our holiday 9 months ago, but also his abilities compard to his elder brother.

Sadly we are leaving the area, so are are unable continue with the quality instruction Floaters offers. Thanks again for all your help

Helen T

Karl and I would just like to say how pleased and impressed we were with last week’s course. Matthew thoroughly enjoyed himself, he learned a lot of new skills, such as problem solving, golf and tie-dying. He has also gained enormous confidence in the pool and was taught some excellent energy saving techniques – something he needs as he always expends maximum energy!

I know the amount of organisation that goes into these things and the attention to detail is what Matthew’s experience extra special. Please pass our grateful thanks to all involved and we look forward to next year when James will join his brother.

Judith L

Thank you so much for all you have done for Katie over the last seven years. She has become a very competent and able swimmer due to your patience and commitment and has achieved so much, especially when you consider her first attempts and tears (sensitively handled by Charlotte, who swam with her on her back!)

I know Katie will miss her lessons, as we also will and we hope that whatever sport she does from now on, will continue with such enthusiastic teaching.

Mady & Andre

I am writing to say how much i have appreciated the hard work and expertise of yourselves and the teachers that have helped to make Jonathan and Kate the good swimmers that they are.

I also took adult lessons with Floaters, which dramatically improved my swimming, giving me the confidence to swim regularly, as I now do.

So we are sad that our contact with Floaters has come to an end, but thanks to you all and I will continue to heartily recommend Floaters to anyone who needs an excellent swimming school.

Louise H

I find it quite sad to write this note that after over 12 years of acquaintance with Floaters, the twins will finish swimming lessons at the end of term.

Please convey our grateful thanks to all members of staff who have taught Rachel, Hannah and Matthew over the years. The children are all excellent and conficent swimmers who love to be in the water.

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful teaching they have received – it has been money well spent.
All the best for the future.

Sheila S

I would like to thank you all for the excellent service over the years. James Callum and Kucinda are all now confident swimmers and I feel that they were given the best possible start at Floaters.

We all particularly appreciate the “personal” approach, making the lessons enjoyable as well as instructive for the children.

As a parent, I was impressed by the courteous and efficient way any problems or requests were dealt with. I will continue to recommend Flaoters to my friends.

Kim B

I just wanted to write to you both to say thank you for the fantastic week Ella had at “SwimSportsMania”. I knew she was being entertained, challenged and totally looked after.

Receiving the Most Improved Swimmer of The Week award, made her so pleased with herself (she is still telling people!) and has goven her a much needed boost to her swimming confidence. She enjoyed every minute of the week.

I will definitely be enrolling again next year and Fred will be old enough to come as well. Thank you all again for your hard work and dedication.

Jane N

You have done your job so very well and Tim is now a very competent swimmer. This wil be the end of an era for me as I have spent the last 10 years sitting at various pools watching, beth, Rhian, Evie and finally Tim, learn to swim under your excellent tutorage.

Linda L

I just wanted to thank Nick for the excellent lesson he gave my daughter Kirsty, yesterday. She learned a tremendous amount and she really enjoyed herself and she is already excited about next weeks lesson. I trust that all the Floaters teachers are as positive and inspirational as you and Charlotte.

Terry S

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the magnificent encouragement and support you give to my grandson. I love coming to his swimming lessons mand watching him progress, you really have a “knack” at teaching.

Jane F

In my professional career as a performance improvement specialist, I have rarely seen people who are able to combine a wide range of coaching sklls and techniques. However, Alex has shown many of the qualities lacking in most. I would particularly like to praise her continual positive and constructive feedback provided by each child after every effort.

However awkward, difficult, scared or unwilling any child has been, her positive praise and helpful tips have ensured their involvement in learning and increased their desire to do their best and subsequently improve their performance and self esteem.

Jennifer G

I know that I have spoken about the the range of high quality coaching skills amongst you and your staff. However, i wanted to formally recognise the high level of service we have received from everybody over the last 5 years for all of our four children. Everybody has worked very hard to help our children enjoy swimming and improve their safety and skill in th water.

Kim B

I enclose the booking forms for next term. May I just say how impressed I have been with the progress that they have both made in their first term with you. Thank you.

Linda P

I felt that I had to write, after the number of years Matthew has been with Floaters and thank you and all the instructors for helping him to achieve his standard of swimming. With just the right amount of encouragement, praise and discipline, this has balanced the scales and made for the perfect “learn to swim” recipe.

It has been a sound investment and all worthwhile. Not only is it a good form of exercise, its fun too! I am very peased with his achievement and I know he is too. I will continue to recommend Floaters as “THE BEST” swimming school.

Cheryl G

Sarah is going into hospital for an eye operation and will miss swimming for about a month. Its such a pity as her confidence in the water is at an all time high!

Thanks for all the patience and good work, you, Nick and the staff have given to my family’s swimming efforts.

Gwen O

Thanks for an excellent year, we’ve really seen Mark and Laura progress.
We’d especially like to compliment Mary, whose quiet and controlled teaching has greatly impressed us.
Thank you all.

Gill S

David and I would like to thank you both for teaching Hannah to swim to such a high standard. We have been very pleased with her progress over the years she has been with you.

David & Sarah W

Jessica has just finished her last term with Floaters and I felt I wanted to write and thank you. We have found the swimming classes a fun and informative learining environment where Jessica has enjoyed learning the basic swimming techniques, without realising she is being taught!

The class has an excellent selection of good quality, clean learning toys and is well strutured to teach the children as agroup but at the same time, each child is allowed to progress at their own pace.

I have and will continue to recommend Floaters and finally may I express my pleasure on how happy and pleased you seem when the children achieve something new. You obviously love teaching them and it really shows through.

Louise K-N

Thank you so much for presenting Alex with the Improvers Cup. I can’t tell you how proud he is of it and how he likes torub it in with his sister! I must say, i do  not think he would  have reached this standard with any other swimming school.

Also, it is not short of miraculous to see how well Katie is swimming now and using so many different strokes.

Mandy A

The time the boys have spent with you  has been worth every penny and I am sure, rewarding for you as well as Martyn and myself. We will continue to pass on and advertise your excellent service to everyone and should you ever require any references from ex-patrons, we would only be too pleased to do so.

Once again, many thanks for everything you have done for us over the years.

Judith H-S

Alexis and Cedric, during these past years, have learned and gained a lot and gained confidence. We have been very happy with your excellent tuition and their progress. Thank you very much for all the support you and the teachers have given the boys. Good luck for the future.

Isabell F

Our time has sadly come to leave Floaters and may I take this opportunity of thanking you all for helping Joshua, especially that first Summer Activity School. I know that you will not have any trouble filling his place!!

Shirley B

Just a short note to let you know what a wonderful teacher Vicky is. She has taught natalie and Dani this term and they have come on in leaps and bounds. She has rung me at home on several occasions in the evening, to let me know of their progress and as I work in London, I don’t often get to see them swim. She is a great asset to Floaters.

Louise R

Thank you for the free places for Catherine ad Steve for next term, it’s much appreciated. It is through the hard work, dedication and profesionalism of yourselves and your instructors, that we have felt very happy to continue to support Floaters. Thank you.

Alison W

We would like to say how much more confident and able Owain and Huw are having been taught by Floaters. We have both been very impressed and happy with the quality of service you provide.

Rebecca L-W

Just a quick note to thank you and all your teachers for their hard work throughout the year. All of our children have made a lot of progress in their swimming and we really appreciate the atmosphere Floaters creates. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to the fantastic teachers.

Marianne W

We desperately want to continue with Floaters and feel very loyal as all of our children have learned to swim to a very high level over the years through your company. We are going to make every effort to stay with you.

Liz T

Thank you so much for all that you have done. We have put our girls on the waiting list and we will be back with you soon.

Cara C

The children have had many years of swimming lessons with Floaters – and you have done wonders with them both! We would like to thank you all, for all your hard work and enthusiasm with the children and wish you the very best with your excellent swimming school.

Julia M

I always think hat you can tell a child that has been taught by Floaters from one from another school, with the wonderful technique they have in the water. The children have enjoyed their lessons and they will form part of their fond childhood memories.

Michele W

We have really appreciated the unique quality of lessons at Floaters. Thank you so much.

Isabelle McF

Thank you for teaching our children so well and gtting them to the level thay are at presently. We are very pleased with what they can do. They could not have done this anywhere else.

Rob B

I do not want to go to another swim school if I can help it – there is nowhere else that measures up to your teaching. I can’ believe they are doing this. They can’t have considered the impact on the hundreds of kids that swim with you.

Amanda S