Woodlands Meed School (10 Week term):

[Please note that FLOATERS teaches at this pool every day from Monday to Saturday. Term dates shown are start and end]

Michaelmas Term 2019
Term First Day: SATURDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2019 [Week days start MONDAY 23rd September]
Term Last Day: SATURDAY 7th DECEMBER 2019
Half Term Break: SATURDAY 26th OCTOBER to SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2019  (No Swimming)

Winter Term 2020
Term First Day: SATURDAY 11th JANUARY 2020 [Week days start MONDAY 13th January]
Term Last Day: SATURDAY 28th MARCH 2020
Half Term Break: SATURDAY 15th to SUNDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 2020  (No Swimming)

Summer Term 2019
Term First Day: SATURDAY 27th APRIL 2019 [Week days start MONDAY 29th April]
Term Last Day: SATURDAY 13th JULY 2019
Half Term Break: SATURDAY 25th MAY to SUNDAY 2nd JUNE 2019  (No Swimming)