Our delivery structure is designed to provide options to accommodate a wide range of abilities and progress.

We are one of the very few tuition providers who are able the full range of teaching from birth to pre-competitive level. This important as children require a seamless process if they are to achieve their best potential.

A pupil moving from an organisation who can only deliver adult and child classes for example, to continue learning towards competence in another school, will inevitably go backwards because of the difference in approach and standard.

We have 2 routes a pupil can follow:

Shallow Water:
This is designed for those pupils who do not start their swimming development at the beginning of the programme or have joined Floaters later on. In simple terms at they are initially taught in water that they can stand up in, principally to aid confidence building in the early stages.

Age Range: Pre school and early school.

Levels: Toddlers, Junior Non-Swimmers and Junior Beginners

Deep Water:
Where pupils have been in the programme from the beginning, they will have the necessary foundation skills to continue their progress in water that they cannot stand up in. Pupils will be invited to take this route by teacher assessment only.

Age Range: Baby to early school.
Levels: Adult and baby, Adult and Toddler, Deep water Toddler, Super Toddler.

Once pupils have the mastered the necessary basic foundation skills and are capable of independent, confident and safe development, they move seamlessly through the progression stages up to preparation for joining a club for coaching and training

Age Range: Early school to end of primary school.

Levels: Junior Paddler, Junior Improver, Junior Advanced, Pre-Squad and Club Development.