SwimCare Swimming Teaching Programme

Our unique approach to teaching swimming is called SwimCare©.
It is probably the most advanced and effective swimming tuition programme in the UK.
SwimCare© has been developed over a number of years and delivers real progress due to its simplicity, ease of teaching and focus on key elements.

The programme is based on a number of very basic key principals and processes that we have developed.
There are many who have attempted to copy these principals and we are of course flattered, but FLOATERS is the ONLY place it is taught and you can get all the benefits!


Mental development:
Pupils are taught in a way with language that is adjusted as they develop understanding and communication abilities.
Physical development:
We do not have expectations beyond each individual’s physical capability. Remember that in general children do not have the physiology of motor skills to be able to “Swim” until they are around 5 to 6 Years old.
Personal achievement:
We challenge every individual to achieve what they want to achieve. It’s not about comparing or what others can do.
Intrinsic Motivation:
We want every pupil to developing their interest in learning to swim themselves. By having fun and improving skill.
External encouragement:
We will get to know what motivates each pupil. Imposing teacher, adult or parent values on our children will only put them off.
Involving parents:
Parents progress awareness, support, encouragement and getting their children to every lesson on time is key in pupils learning
Aquatic skills:
We essentially give these equal importance to stroke technique. They are integrated into our programme from the very start.
Stroke technique:
Working with the water not fighting against it and only teaching the pupils things that make the strokes work.
Giving pupils space to practice and try stuff out for themselves is essential to learning what works and what does not.
Everyone as an individual:
We know that everyone is different. We respect everyone’s input and needs and do not teach “groups”. Everyone is fast tracked
We know how to! You would be amazed at how many swimming lessons are no more than “supervised water time”!
Irrespective of gender, size, religion, heritage, attitude ability etc. There are no barriers to letting anyone have a go.
Swimming is an essential life skill. We teach them how to be safe and importantly take care of all participants at all times.
98% of our pupils love their swimming. It’s because we know that both the teachers and children will perform to their max if they are having fun!
Quality not quantity:
Distance and speed are not criteria of progress. Stamina does not deliver better swimmers. Good swimmers have good technique, without which, they cannot learn to swim father and faster.
How to swim:
Unlike most, Floaters do not teach how to pass awards or how to “survive”. We actually teach pupils how to SWIM properly.


TEACHING METHODS – Developed, Understood and Taught ONLY by FLOATERS
Key Element Teaching:
This is about only making the movements that deliver swimming – you would be amazed and some of the stuff we see!
Natural Action Management: This is about using movements that come naturally or are natural reflexes, rather than trying to teach tricky stuff that the pupils find hard to master. They learn better and faster.
Direct Method: This is about putting all and only the bits that are needed in a consecutive and direct way to go straight from nothing to swimming in one simple sequence.
Common Fault Teaching: Understanding what all/most pupils naturally get wrong and either avoiding the opportunity for them to learn the wrong stuff or teach it out early.
Multi Facet Teaching: Makes efficient use of pool space, maximises lesson time and focuses on individual benefits not groups.
Note: All these have been developed by Floaters, are unique to SwimCare© and are not available in any other swim school.

Baby Underwater swimming: Submersion does not suit everyone and we want pupils to swim on top of the water!
Paddling: it does not exist in any of the strokes.
Look forward Breathing: It hinders learning to breath properly to the side in front crawl.
Essential skills as an afterthought: Check out whether foundations of sculling, turns, diving, personal survival, etc. are being taught at pre-school children!
Reliance on kicking: Have a look and see what happens to poorly taught children when they stop moving their feet correctly.
With arm bands and loads of floating stuff: Can be very dangerous, promotes poor floatation and retards swimming development.
Stamina: Stamina does not deliver the ability to swim long distances, Technique does. Pupils will not improve their cardio-vascular performance by swimming badly.
Rocket Science: Learning to swim is not! So we don’t make it sound or look complicated and mystical! We keep it simple and to the point.