Floaters has always prided itself in supporting and training its teachers to the highest levels far above any national qualification available (these are currently only adequate to take pupils about half way through our SwimCare programme). All our teachers undertake regular support, appraisal, in house training and upskilling from our own trainers.

What this means is that our teachers are knowledgeable beyond any other teachers out there who have simply passed through a qualification course and therefore have skills to pass to your children that you cannot get anywhere else. Moreover, they have wide range personalities, attributes, backgrounds, skills and abilities that compliment each other and mean that we can suit any pupils individual needs.

It really says something that the majority of our teachers have been and stayed with us for many years (some over 15 years) and some have gone elswere, become disolusioned and returned. We must be doing somethig right!!

All our teachers are Enhanced Checked through the CRB system and are Lifeguard Trained as an absolute minimum

Our current teachers and cover teachers are:

Joint owner. As a nervous swimmer Vicki brought her first daughter to swimming classes as a baby and found her own confidence grew, fast forward 14 years and she has a very different relationship with the water! Vicki enjoys watching childrens confidence grow through fun but progressive lessons – she passionately believes that swimming should light up a whole world of water based activities not just be about swimming lengths, and loves to hear the holiday stories of snorkelling on holiday as well as knowing children understand the importance of Water Safety. Her favourite quote is “If there is magic on this planet  it is contained in Water” and as a qualified Aqua Natal teacher as well as Swim Teacher she gets to see it from the very beginnings! Vicki recruits & trains our newer team members as well as organising classes, and you will often see her popping up poolside when she isn’t teaching.

As a Level 2 Teacher and Level 2 Coach, Juliet is perfectly placed to develop our swimmers at Hurst. She is currently Academy Lead Coach for Crawley Swimming Club at K2 Leisure Centre.
Juliet has 12 years experience as a swim teacher, working for Wave Leisure and Penguins Swim School’s Learn to Swim programs. She has worked alongside Vicki for 8 years, teaching and mentoring teachers. She has completed CPDs in teaching additional needs, land training and open water swimming as well holding her lifesaving qualification. Juliet is mum to 16 year old Performance National Squad Swimmer Lenny.
“Teachers change lives because of who we are as human beings: how well we listen, encourage and help students believe in themselves. RJM

Anna is our Senior Teacher at Woodlands Meed. She is a fully qualified swimming teacher having been originally trained by Floaters Tutors. She is a special needs teacher by profession and brings all the knowledge and skills needed for this work to teaching Floaters pupils. She is efficient and organised and has an ability to learn all the time, which enables her to bring the best out of the pupils under her care. She has learned through the ability levels and is now hugely proficient from Toddlers to Squad!  Anna Holds the NRASTC lifesaving award.

Anna is a fully qualified swimming teacher and teaches group and private 1-1 lessons as well as mentors new teachers and has worked alongside Vicki for many years. She has a young daughter who is following closely in Anna’s footsteps with a love of swimming!
Anna has a BSc Hons in Psychology and has higher diploma’s in Child Psychology as well as other areas including Criminology and Forensic Psychology. Anna has had a love of swimming since being a competitive swimmer in her youth and has linked this with her Psychology background.
Anna recognises the need for working on an individual level when teaching and progressing children at their own rate. She also specialises in teaching adults with water phobia and anxiety as well as teaching children and young adults with additional needs. Anna has taught up to advanced level swimming and is always building her knowledge on technique and her interest in sports psychology. Anna holds her NRASTC lifesaving and first aid qualifications

Jess joined the team formally in the Summer Term 2017 having completed her initial qualification training in January 2017, attending Floaters induction training & mentoring during the Winter term and fasttrack SwimCare training in the Easter holidays, where she proved to be an intelligent and fast learner. Jess was a pupil with Floaters and has worked as a Swimming Assistant and Activity Leader with us for several years now, so she is well aware of the standards we aspire to and together with her background in childcare, she is proving that she has what it takes to really benefit the swimmers under her care.

As a busy Mum of 2 Jasmine knew she had to love whatever she did for work and we are so lucky she chose swim teaching! Her love of swimming began as a baby in New Zealand where her lifeguard parents taught her to swim and respect the water, and so it seemed natural for her to follow the pathway when she brought her own children to lessons.
Jasmine is a fully qualified teacher and teaches group classes, she is a passionate learner and takes every opportunity to top up her knowledge with CPDs, whilst also completing an Open University Psychology degree.
Jasmine often says there is no other feeling that compares to when a child achieves a skill or activity after trying for so long, her passion for teaching shows in her care and attention to each child and their individual swimming journey.

We have a number of assistants and helpers who assist teachers in the water most of whom have been Floaters pupils and have been fully vetted for their abilities to work with children.

It is inevitable that some teachers are unable to teach all sessions in a term through illness, accident or some unforeseen incident and we have a number of excellent teachers available who are all trained in the SwimCare programme and have worked with Floaters previously.