All our Teachers are checked through the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) to Enhanced level.


Any person working with Children (Teachers, Scout/Youth groups, nurseries etc) is required to be checked for suitability as a protection for children and vulnerable adults against abuse. All checks are now done through the CRB.

This check will only reveal any allegation or conviction against an individual at the time of the check. Any abuse occurring after this time (whether detected or not) is not covered. The system is therefore very fallible, as we will know a long time before the CRB whether any of our teachers have been involved in any incident.


For many years we have been way ahead of the game on all aspects of swimming teaching and Child Protection is no exception.
We therefore have our own vetting and appraisal policies and procedures which are considerably more robust. These include:

  1. Gaining references before engaging any teacher.
  2. Carrying out regular appraisals at poolside (both formal and sporadic)
  3. All teachers to signing a Child Protection Declaration
  4. Confirmation that all teachers have read and understood our Child Protection Policies and Procedures
  5. Requiring that all teachers have attended a suitable Child Protection course (either in house or otherwise)
  6. Constant reminders of process, manual handling criteria and behavioral requirements at in house teacher training session.


Children will learn far more effectively if they are given the individual support that they need.

Many providers take the ‘manual handling’ of the Child Protection too far and do not allow their teachers in the water with the pupils. We know that children will learn faster and in a safer environment if they are supported in a pro-active way and this means that our teachers are essentially trained to work with children in the water so as to give them the best opportunity to learn and progress.

We are open and transparent about this process and we will also confirm at the start of each term of our intention to work actively with your children in the water, so that you can be satisfied that your children are safe in our hands.

If this is an issue with any of our parents, they have freedom to choose to have their children taught elsewhere.