One of the most important decisions you will make for yourself or your children is which swimming lessons are best for them.

It is not the case that all swimming lessons are the same. The nations former (and best!) performance director has been quoted as saying that the majority of swimming lessons in the UK are poor. Choice is often made on parents convenience, cost, proximity of the pool to home or school etc. rather than what the pupils will actually learn. Often the automatic choice is the local leisure centre or it assumed that the local”club” is the best place to go. Why, because until you have tried a few, you have no bench mark to work on.

Seldom is the choice made on what is best for the pupil.

So what should you be looking for.

  • The quality of the programme. Does the teaching organisation actually know what a programme is?
  • The quality of the Teachers. What does “Fully Qualified” actually mean?. Who has trained them?
  • The quality of personal care. Is the primary interest in the pupil or the income?
  • The suitability of the pools. Are the pools the right size and shape to provide the best teaching environment?
  • The level of service. Is the service you get on enquiry professional and informed?

We at Floaters do not expect to get all of this right all the time, but we do understand what is needed and seek to provide it to the highest standards we can.