Our Pools

Many swimming tuition providers will take whatever pool space they can get, irrespective of whether it is suitable or not.

Whilst decent pool space is difficult to find, we understand that not only is the environment important, but also the way in which the pool is laid out (eg. beginners learning in lanes or without being able to touch the bottom will slow their progress) can make a considerable difference to the way pupils learn.

We try to use pools that are well maintained and have the facilities that our clients will benefit from and still have some of the best available for the purpose.

Moreover, we will aim to ensure that you are placed at the pool that is right for you.

Whilst the most important thing about swimming teaching is what is being taught, having the right pool can significantly help. If a pupils is afraid of the depth of the water, if its is too noisy to hear properly, if basic teaching is in lanes (and so on), the learning process will be slow and not enjoyable.

We have among the best teaching teaching pools available to us in Sussex.

We are always looking for new and suitable venues and if you have one that you would like to be better utilised or to earn an income, please let us know.

We are currently looking for:

A) a small privately owned pool to deliver one-2-one and specialist tuition.
B) a larger pool that is available after school hours during the week.