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18 NovNew Teaching Qualification Process

UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate) is now the standard for all sports teaching qualifications. The ASA has managed to secure the…

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18 NovLet Us Have Your News

If you are a concerned teacher, tutor, coach, pool operator or swimming school and can’t get your views heard, please let…

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18 NovIndependent Safeguards Authority

The government has at last recognised that the current CRB checking process if fallible and in many cases not worth the…

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18 NovGoggles Banned

A school in Mold (North Wales) has banned goggles as being dangerous. Please follow the link below to read the full…

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18 NovMoney for Swimming?

Many you will have seen the remarkable Becky Adlington on BBC Breakfast getting a mother and daughter to “swim” – not…

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