To provide the best swimming tuition available anywhere

Our Mission drives us everyday:

  • Every decision that we make is followed by the question “Is this the best thing for the pupils”. If the answer is NO then we do not do it.
  • We understand that every one is an individual, with different aspirations and abilities and deserves to be respected and treated as such. Your child is as important to us as s/he is to you.
    We are not driven to have every pupil become an Olympic champion, but if that is what they want to do, then we will give them the foundations to do so.
  • We do not “train” or “coach” our pupils (that is what the swimming clubs are there for) we aim to give them the level of technique that they need to move on to a club, if that is what they want to do. Too often children move to a competitive based environment, before their technique is sustainable.
  • If a Floaters pupil chooses to go swimming of their own accord (rather than because their parents have told them to) either for leisure, pleasure, competition, it is because their technique has developed to a level where they find it easy and enjoyable. This is when we know we have succeeded.


We execute on our mission by:

  • Training our teachers to a level considerably above any nationally recognised qualification available.
    We look after our teachers so that they will look after you.
  • We have considerable in-house and in-depth knowledge of how and what to teach, way ahead of others.
    Using the industry leading, unique and renowned “SwimCare” teaching programme.
  • Simple and effective. We only teach what te pupils need to know. There is no blindly following other peoples “dogma”.
  • Research and refine so that we keep well ahead of any other teaching technology available anywhere in the world.


Many have tried to copy what we do but do not have the knowledge or care culture. It’s what makes us the best and why you get the best swimming tuition available.