Covid Precautions
On 19th July, the government decided to cease to provide definitive precaution guidance, moved the country to Level 4, pretty much lifted all mandatory restrictions and passed responsibility for the control of Coronavirus to us, the population at large, relying on the inoculations to protect us all.

This has inevitably lead to a rise in new infections and hospital admissions but and the extent to which this will reach is as yet unknown.

Corona virus is going to stay with us and we must learn to live with it.

The vaccine works by training our immune system to develop antibodies to fight the virus (it does not contain the virus) in order to reduce the severity of the disease, hospitalisation and help reduce transmission. Of course, those who have decided not to take be inoculated (a choice that we respect) will remain vulnerable to infection and spread to others.

Whilst no vaccine is 100% effective, with no guarantee that having gained antibodies through the inoculation and with ever developing new strains, we recognise the likelihood of increased pressure in the autumn and that we all remain vulnerable.

It is therefore both prudent and necessary to take appropriate steps in order to ensure that swimming lessons can continue in as an unaffected way as is possible and do what we can to maintain a safe environment safe for all – you the parents, your children, our teachers, the pool owners and other users.

With the benefit of advice from our governing bodies and undertaken risk assessments, we are implementing the following precautions:

  1. The best protection we all have is that everyone is able to declare themselves as ’Covid Safe’** and that no one who is or likely to be infected, should attend lessons.
  2. This requires us all to behave safely as a matter of normal routine and we would ask that you continue to take all precautions to protect yourselves and your families, self-isolating where necessary.
  3. For your own safety, we would suggest that everyone who is eligible for inoculation (single and double), has been so inoculated.
  4. We will continue to operate ‘one-way’ systems and safe changing protocols as they apply, and we would ask that you follow the relevant instructions given by the teacher or set out on this link.
  5. We will continue to ask everyone to hand sanitise before entering the pools and touch as few surfaces as possible.
  6. We will continue to ask everyone to social distance whilst in the pool building.
  7. We ask that masks or face coverings be worn at all times when on school or college property.
  8. We would also recommend that face masks are worn within the pool area, especially when in contact with the teachers.
    This is sensible added protection for both yourselves and those with whom you come into contact with but it is for each individual to decide how exposed they wish to be.

** Note: Please see the definition of ‘Covid Safe’ here.


You (pupil or parent or group) will be ‘Covid Safe’ if, in the 14 days prior to the start or at any time during the course of the swimming lessons:

  • You (or anyone in your ‘family unit’ or ‘bubble’) are not currently tested as positive.
  • You do not have a temperature above 37.5 deg. C
  • You do not have a “Dry Cough”
  • You have not been or will be in contact with anyone who has tested positive
  • You have not been or will be in a ‘risk’ environment that requires you to self-isolate or quarantine.
  • You have complied and will continue to comply with all the regulations that have been/are in force.