Winter Term 2021 (January) Covid Update. 

We are currently due to resume lessons at both venues on Saturday 9th January, but despite the resumption of Primary school attendance and the staggered resumption of Secondary schools, we remain in Tier 4, which means that swimming pools must remain closed and we are obliged to take the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to postpone the start of the term until we have returned to Tier 2, pools can open and school pupil mass testing is operational.
  2. We will monitor government and governing body directives and confirm availability with our venue owners as and when we are able and advise you as soon as we can resume lessons.
  3. At such time as we have safety and certainty, we will devise a timetable to deliver lessons to all those why have confirmed their places.
  4. Anyone who has not confirmed their place, will automatically be placed on the waiting list for the summer term and we then will allocate pupils as appropriate.

Please keep an eye on this page for updates and we advise you by text and on facebook of the actual date of resumption as soon as practically possible.

Covid is still very much with us and please can we remind you to continue to take every precaution to protect yourselves and others and remember that we ask you to continue to co-operate with us in our own safe practices which are set out below.
Being virus free is our best defense so it is in everyones interest that you only attend if ‘COVID SAFE’, in order that we can continue to provide lessons for your children.

Posted 31st December 2020


COVID is still with us and we are taking it seriously.
Making the right arrangements is very complicated and we have taken great care to put protocols in place that allow us to deliver effective and continuous lessons for your children whilst keeping everyone safe.

We can only provide effective lessons for you if you follow these instructions FULLY, so please work with us and follow them to the letter!

Our aim is that all our clients, parents and teachers remain safe and the best way is NOT to attend if you are not ‘Covid Safe’.
Please read the full details and Protocols under the ‘Stop Press’ tab.
Clients are be asked to submit the ‘Declaration’ that they are ‘Covid Safe’ before being accepted for a class.
Please download the Declaration and either return it with your Booking Form or bring it with you to the 1st lesson. Thank you.
In order that we can provide you with continuous and ongoing lessons, we are applying a zero tolerance approach to safety.
The teachers will therefore refuse attendance unless ALL the requirements are met, so PLEASE come prepared.
For those who do attend, please observe the following specific instructions.

Being on time is critical, so that we can manage the lessons effectively, avoiding cost rises and in the interests of the pupils.

Resuming Information at Woodlands Meed.
Swim Safe Plan at Woodlands Meed.
Resuming Information at Hurst College.
Swim Safe Plan at Hurst College.
‘Covid Safe’ Declaration.
Full Information & Protocols.

 Meaning of ‘Covid Safe’
You (pupil or parent) will be ‘Covid Safe’ if, in the 14 days prior to the start or at any time during the course of the term:

  • You have not had a temperature above 37.5 deg. C
  • You have not had a “Dry Cough”, “Shortness of Breath” or “Chest Pains”
  • You (or anyone in your normal ‘family unit’) have not tested as Covid positive.
  • You have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or showing symptoms,
  • You have not been abroad OR in any ‘risk’ environment OR been required to self-isolate or quarantine.
  • You have & will comply with all Government guidelines/regulations that have been or are in force.

 NOTE: Please be aware that you may be refused attendance if you do not submit this declaration, have a high temperature when tested or in the opinion of the teacher/lifeguard, appear unwell.