Resumption of Lessons. Summer Term 2021

We are delighted that there is now a ‘Road Map’ out of lockdown and even though the virus will stay with us for the long term, we are optimistic that everyone will follow guidelines and responsibilities going forward, so that we can consistently return to ‘normal’ and not go back into a 4th lockdown.

In discussion with pools, clients and teachers, we have arranged to start the Summer Term after the Easter Holidays as scheduled and run for 12 weeks rather than the normal 10 to give pupils more opportunity of catching up after such a long time without lessons.

The term will therefore start on Saturday 24th April and run until Saturday 24th July 2021.
Click here for HURST COLLEGE dates.
Click here for WOODLAND MEED dates.

We will shortly be sending out new booking forms for the term and you can pay in the normal ways.
As we are very full and places are currently at a premium, we ask that you please take note of the payment dates so that you can secure your places.
For those who have already reserved their places the discounted additional fee for the extra 2 weeks will be shown on your booking form.

Please note that we will also be running our Summer Activity and Condensed Courses during the Summer holidays which will focus on getting all pupils back to the level they would have been ready for the start of the September term.
You can reserve your place any time! Just call the office on 01444 246800, send an e-mail to [email protected] or fill in the contact form on the website.
Please click here for dates and details.

In the interests of ongoing safety, the ‘Covid Safe’ protocols that we have in place (see below for full details) will remain for the term and will be reviewed with the pool owners periodically and will be lifted as soon as it is allowable, safe and practical to do so.

Posted 3rd March 2021


COVID is still with us, we are taking it seriously and making the right arrangements is very complicated.
Our aim is that all our clients, parents and teachers remain safe and the best way is NOT to attend if you are not ‘Covid Safe’ and we are taking a zero tolerance approach, so please follow the information on the following links: 

Resuming Information at Woodlands Meed.
Swim Safe Plan at Woodlands Meed.
Resuming Information at Hurst College.
Swim Safe Plan at Hurst College.
‘Covid Safe’ Declaration.
Full Information & Protocols.

 Meaning of ‘Covid Safe’
You (pupil or parent) will be ‘Covid Safe’ if, in the 14 days prior to the start or at any time during the course of the term:

  • You have not had a temperature above 37.5 deg. C
  • You have not had a “Dry Cough”, “Shortness of Breath” or “Chest Pains”
  • You (or anyone in your normal ‘family unit’) have not tested as Covid positive.
  • You have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or showing symptoms,
  • You have not been abroad OR in any ‘risk’ environment OR been required to self-isolate or quarantine.
  • You have & will comply with all Government guidelines/regulations that have been or are in force.

 NOTE: Please be aware that you may be refused attendance if you do not submit this declaration, have a high temperature when tested or in the opinion of the teacher/lifeguard, appear unwell.