This has been designed and tested over the last 15 years to totally run all aspects of a swimming school at the touch of a button.

Some of the elements are set out below, but these are only a very small part of what this software can do for you.

Pupils & Clients:

  • Personal, parent/carer and sibling information; Course details and history; Awards history; Payment records; Contact records; etc etc etc.


  • Personal details; Qualification details; Professional registration details; Tax and NIC details; Teaching Allocation processes; Work offer sheets; Teacher Appraisal; etc etc etc.


  • Influential body details; Essential business contacts; Statistical information; Management decision making information; Multi-business and multi-venue options as standard;  Financial monitoring tools; e-mai and SMS facilities; etc etc etc.


  • Full operations processes; Mass termly updates; Timetabling and venue selection; Lesson entry; Ability level definition;  Pupil allocation processes; Automatic booking, Register and Assessment form generation; Archiving and retrieving pupil data; parent contact notes; etc etc etc.

How It Works

  1. You call us and we explain it merits and answer your initial questions
  2. We send you a 30 day trial copy to load and partially populate
  3. We talk you through the essential elements and let you play with it for a bit
  4. Once you have decided it is for you, we send you an access PIN
  5. You are off. We are at the end of a phone for help.

How Much Does It Cost

  1. Initial entry is only £1.00 per pupil per annum (This relates to less than 1% of the turnover of a swim school with 400 pupils!!)
  2. Thereafter, there is a sliding scale depending on the number of pupils in your school to a maximum of £2.50 per pupil per annum.
  • Depending on data capture issues at the start, there may be a small set up fee.