The essence of this Programme is set out under teaching programme, but is elaborated here.

These are only a very small part of what this programme can do for you.


  • Mission Statement and a set of basic principals upon which it is based.

Course Descriptions

  • A description of each ability level and its’ key outcomes for publication to your parents.

Ability Levels and Progressions

  • Shallow and Deep water entry, levels from Adult and Baby to Pre-Competitive swimmer.
  • Basis for learing styles and when they are introduced – all underpinned by ENJOYMENT!

Entry Level Criteria

  • What is required for a pupil to be able to move from one Ability Level to another.
  • Key aims related to Age, Stoke, Distance, Award, Skill etc.
  • Colour coded for learning styles

Period Rotation and Grouping

  • What is taught, to whom, when and for how long

Period & Session Activities Plan

  • Delving into what is taught each period, session and each week.
  • Adjustable according to length of period, session and week.

Lesson Planning Structure

  • All the elements and format needed to deliver an effective lesson.

Teaching Methods

  • An overview of each of the methods and how to teach them
  • Key Element; Natural Emphasis; Direct Method; Fault Provention & Correction etc.

How It Works

  • You call us and we come and make an appraisal of what you have and what you want
  • We agree the principals that apply to you as a unique teaching organisation
  • We adapt the SwimCare programme to suit your circumstances
  • We can write a Teaching Manual as an accompanying element
  • We Train all your teacher sin the delivery and up-skill their swimming knowledge base

What it Costs

  • The programme is offered under license (to ensure that it is used properly – it wont be effective if it is not properly implemented – many have tried and failed!!)
  • The Initial Assessment is FREE
  • The adaption of the programme is FREE
  • The Training and Ups-killing costs £400 a day. The number of days is dependent on current skills.
  • The license cost is an annual cost depending on the number of pupils/teachers