Floaters, along with MBA qualified leaders and tutors, has long been in the forefront of:

  • Swimming tuition advancement (eg. developing workable and progressive tuition programmes);
  • Making Teaching simple and effective (eg. showing teachers how to cut out what has no effect and teach simple steps that really work – its not rocket science!);
  • Pioneering delivery methods (eg. We have developed Key Element, Direct Method and Natural Emphasis techniques);
  • Building successful business models (eg. it was one of the first to develop operations software for the running of swimming schools it is now among the best there is);
  • Teacher training (eg. it insisted on training its teachers in Child protection, Disability Awareness and Integration etc. long before it became suggested practice etc.);
  • Supporting Swimming Clubs and Tuition Providers (eg: taking high level and quality technical understanding into organisations through workshops to help volunteer teachers and helpers)
  • Policy development (eg. the writing of teacher contracts and a raft of policies specifically for the swimming tuition profession)

This business knowledge has become a keystone in the success of the business and we are now able to open up this experience and information to increase the competitive advantage of the ever growing fledgling tuition businesses start ups.

In particular, you may be interested in our TrakPak Operations Software or our Swimcare Swimming Teaching Programme

If you are running or starting a tuition business, consider whether you wish to “re-invent the wheel”, put in the vast amount of time and financial resources it requires and make all the same mistakes, or does it make sense to get help from those in the know to get up and running and sustainable profitable from the very beginning.

We have set up a subsidiary organisation for the very purpose of assisting those in need of serious advice.

Click on Swimming Tutor and find out what we can do for you.