We do need to remind parents from time to time regarding the protocols of using gender appropriate changing rooms at our venues, so just in the interests of clarity:

The younger children (Babies, Toddlers and some Non-Swimmers and Beginners) cannot of course change themselves so it is entirely appropriate for parents to change them.
Please use the changing room matching the gender of the PARENT. eg. Mothers use the Female changing irrespective of the gender of the child.
Some of the older children (Paddlers 1 mostly) can of course change themselves, so there is no need for parents to enter the changing rooms other than to access the pool, where they should go through the appropriate one.
If there are any specific issue, parents can use the Disabled facilities.

Because we have a wide range of age groups (up to 14 years in some cases) at Hurst, it is important that we remain aware of gender conflicts, the welfare of the children and safety of the parents.
All pupils are capable of changing themselves, so in all normal circumstances, allow them to do so and PLEASE use the facility that matches the GENDER of the PUPIL.
In the event of any specific issue where a parent is required to change their child, please make sure – as you would at any other public facility – that the genders match. eg. FATHERS with SONS and MOTHERS with DAUGHTERS.

Thank you for your cooperation.