Many you will have seen the remarkable Becky Adlington on BBC Breakfast getting a mother and daughter to “swim” – not quite!

It is part of some publicity towards a £6 million initiative by the government to improve the nation’s swimming capability.

We suspect that as has been the cas in the past with pretty nearly every financial input into the sport, that it will not go to those who actually can make a difference and will ultimately be a waste.

For example, we know of a fabulous 25m community school pool that is currently outside and is only used int the summer term. It desperately needs a building put over it so that not only the school, but also the many primary feeder schools around it can benefit. The ASA have been to look, but have not given it any tangible support, not have the school been able to raise the funds independently. If it does not get the building, it will close.

We have drawn the authorities (and some very high profile British swimmers) to the issue in an attempt to make the money work as it should.

Watch this space, but do not hold your breath!